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Vankaya vepudu(వంకాయ వేపుడు, கத்தரிக்காய் பரி, बैंगन तलना)

vankaya pappula koora

Vankaya vepudu (వంకాయ వేపుడు, கத்தரிக்காய் பரி, बैंगन तलना) This is another tasty dish with brinjal.

Regional dish : Andhra Pradesh;  Tamilnadu; Karnataka; Kerala; South India; North India.

Cuisine Style : Andhra|Cooking time 30min| Take with rice |Type fry | Shelf Life : 1 day.

Appx. Nutritional values calculated for 1 serving :

Calories (138 Kcal), Carbohydrates (11 g), Protein (1.8 g), Fat (10.6 g).


  • Fresh Brinjals     10
  • Oil   4 tb sps.
  • Salt to taste.

For Powder :

  • Roasted bengal gram   1 cup (also called putnala pappu/vepudu senagapappu)
  • Dried red chillies   10
  • Jeera/ Cumin    1 t sp
  • Salt   1 tb sp

For Seasoning :

  • Mustard seeds  1 t sp
  • Jeera /Cumin    1 tsp
  • Curry leaves   1 sprig
  • Urad dal (minapappu)     2 tb sps
  • Dried red chillies   2
  • Onions    2 (slit length wise)
  • Green chillies   6


1.    Heat a pan and fry roasted bengal gram, dried red chillies, jeera in low flame for about 4 mts. Switch of the flame when Bengal gram starts turning its color. Allow to cool, add salt and grind to coarse powder.set aside

2.   Wash brinjals, slit them into 4 halves (make a plus shape) leaving the stems.

3.   Heat oil in a kadhai and fry brinjals in low flame till brinjals turn soft. (cover with a lid and stir occasionally)

4.   Set aside the brinjals once soft

5.   In the remaining oil, add urad dal, mustard seeds, jeera, dried red chillies (4), curry leaves, green chillies. fry for 2 mts in low flame.

6.   Add onions, and fry till soft (for about 4 mts in low flame)

7.   Add fried brinjals to onions, and cook for 3 mts in low flame

8.   Add roasted bengal gram powder, adjust salt and stir gently so that brinjals do not break. leave on low flame for 3 mts.

9.   Serve hot with rice, sambhar/pappu charu or dal.


Other variants / Cuisine Style : 1. Vankaya vepudu with kabbari karam.2. Vankaya vepudu with nuvula podi.


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