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Kanika (कनिका)


Kanika (कनिका)  is prepared in marriage , threading ceremony and in many festive occasions in Orissa. It is a sweet veggie Pulao with a strong fragrance of nutmeg, cardamom and clove. Regional Dish:  Orissa, Bengal Cuisine Style: Orissa| Cooking Time 30mins | Take it as such | Type Rice| Shelf Life: 1day| Quantity: 6 Servings. Appx. Nutritional values […]

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Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा)


Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा) It is lso called as sweet rice , the name Zarda means yellow .It is basically a Persian / Pakistani sweet rice preparation.It is famous in Muslim homes; Prepared on all occasions. In in India it is famous among Awadhi dishes. Regional Dish: Awadh Cuisine Style: Awadhi | Cooking Time 30  mins […]

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