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Raw Pumpkin Pie


Raw Pumpkin Pie is so easy to make in just 2 easy steps with a good food processor and ingredients. It is rich in calories but with all the goodness of raw food , unprocessed and not cooked so all the nutrients are intact. Regional Dish: Cuisine Style: Raw and Vegan| Preparation Time: 2hrs | […]

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Sweet Nothings

sweet nothings

Sweet Nothings is a simple and elegant sweet that can be prepared in no time , the final product is soft, and can please any guest. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 15 minutes | Take it as such | Type Sweet| Shelf Life: 1 week | Servings 5 Appx. Nutritional values […]

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Sweet Potatoes Classic

baked sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes Classic can be enjoyed year round; when it is boiled the sweetness enhances and also makes to easily digestible.  This is the same out boiled and mashed sweet potatoes with a twist and richness of cream , sugar and nuts. As sweet potatoes are rich in soluble fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins like A […]

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Panjiri (पंजीरी)


Panjiri (पंजीरी)  is also called as Gaund ke Laddu a popular North Indian sweet made from whole wheat flour and edible gum fried in clarified butter, heavily laced with nuts. Gaund is an edible gum extracted from the bark of a tree and is known to provide heat to our body, hence usually consumed in […]

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Eggless Chocolate Rolls

chocolate roll

Eggless Chocolate Rolls are quick and delicious, these can become a sweet treat in any kids parties. This sweet is rich, creamy and has a punch of coconut, which gives a tropical paradise feeling when put in mouth. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: India| Cooking Time 2hrs | Take it as Such| Type Sweet| Shelf […]

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Habshi Halwa (हब्शी हलवा)


Habshi Halwa (हब्शी हलवा) It is prepared during Ramadan month all through Pakistan, It is also prepared and sold on streets like haleem. It is a elegant milk, ghee and koya sweet that is filled with nuts of choice. Regional Dish:  Pakistan Cuisine Style: Pakistan | Cooking Time 35 mins | Take it as such | Type […]

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Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा)


Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा) It is lso called as sweet rice , the name Zarda means yellow .It is basically a Persian / Pakistani sweet rice preparation.It is famous in Muslim homes; Prepared on all occasions. In in India it is famous among Awadhi dishes. Regional Dish: Awadh Cuisine Style: Awadhi | Cooking Time 30  mins […]

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