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Nuvvula Laddu (எள் லட்டு, నువ్వుల లడ్డు, तिल लड्डू)

Nuvvula Laddu (எள் லடூ, నువ్వుల లడ్డు, तिल लड्डू) This sweet is made for special occasions all over India with variations. Sesame Seeds Ladoo (nuvvulu/Till) is especially made during Navarathiri festival in Tamil Nadu and for Pongal in many parts of India . This is a very healthy yet tasty recipe. Regional Dish : Tamil Nadu; Andhra;  Kerala; […]

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Motichoor Ladoo (ਮੋਤੀਚੂਰ ਲਾਦੂ, മോടിചൂര്‍ ലടൂ, మోతీచూర్ లడ్డు, मोतीचूर लड्डू)


Motichoor Ladoo (ਮੋਤੀਚੂਰ ਲਾਦੂ, మొతిచూర్ లడ్డు, मोतीचूर लड्डू) This delicious laddoo is a standard Indian sweet served at just about any special occasion in India. It is all time favorite to Lord Ganesha and also served on many occasions all over India , but this is special in North India. Regional Dish : Punjab;  Rajasthan; […]

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