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Chole Bhature (ਚੋਲੇ ਭਟੂਰੇ, சோலே பாடுறே, छोले भटूरे)


Chole Bhature (ਚੋਲੇ ਭਟੂਰੇ, சோலே பாடுறே, छोले भटूरे) Chole bhature is an Indian dish which can be eaten as a snack or even as a meal. It consists of garbonzos or chole and Indian fried bread called bhature. It is delicious and a complete meal in itself. It is very famous in Punjab, now its […]

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Egg Omelet (గుడ్డు అట్టు, ஏகக் ஒமேலேட், अंडा आमलेट)


Egg Omelet ( గుడ్డు అట్టు, ஏகக் ஒமேலேட், अंडा आमलेट) Egg omelet is an absolute delight and a quick dish to prepare. Eggs are just one of those foods that can be prepared in numerous ways. Eggs are rich in protein and delicious to eat, no matter which way you make them. Regional Dish : Andhra; […]

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Pulagam (புளகம், పులగం, पुलगम)


Pulagam (புளகம், పులగం, पुलगम) Pulagam  is a simple rice and dal combination . Which is especially made during pooja’s for goddess lakshmi and also during fasting  or when any one is in recovery state of injury, as it gives energy and yet simple to digest with minimum ingredients like salt and ghee.It is called as […]

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