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Ariselu (అరిసెలు, அறிசெலு, পিঠা)


Ariselu (అరిసెలు, அறிசெலு, পিঠা) is a popular sweet dish among Telugu (Andhra) people. It is prepared on the Sankranti festival  with new rice from the harvest. This can be prepared anytime, but mainly prepared when new rice and  new jaggery are harvested in villages. This recipe is also preapred in different parts of India with different […]

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Sakkarai (Sweet) pongal (இனிப்பு பொங்கல், చక్కర పొంగల్, मीठा पोंगल)


Sakkarai (Sweet) pongal (இனிப்பு பொங்கல், చక్కర పొంగల్, मीठा पोंगल) is generally prepared in temples as a prasad, i.e, offering to God. This type of pongal is also prepared during the Pongal festival (similar to Thai Pongal) in Tamil Nadu, South India. Sakkarai Pongal” is a popular dish made for TamilNadu’s most popular festival “PONGAL”. In […]

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Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा)


Zarda (జర్దా, ज़र्दा) It is lso called as sweet rice , the name Zarda means yellow .It is basically a Persian / Pakistani sweet rice preparation.It is famous in Muslim homes; Prepared on all occasions. In in India it is famous among Awadhi dishes. Regional Dish: Awadh Cuisine Style: Awadhi | Cooking Time 30  mins […]

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