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Rasmalai (రసమలై, ரசமலை, रसमलाई)


Rasmalai (రసమలై, ரசமலை, रसमलाई)  is a very popular sweet / dessert from Bengal . But in recent years this became popular all over India and now  over world .It is prepared from paneer balls cooked in syrup and then soaked into malai(cream). It is very delicious and all time favorite.This sweet with other sweets made from […]

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Shufta (शूफतह)


Shufta (शूफतह)“Shufta” is a Kashmiri sweet dish. Its a lavish sweet made of dry fruits and infused with sugar and kesar and delicately spiced with soonth, Cinnamon and pepper. It has heating properties due to the generous use of dry fruits and ghee and hence ideal for harsh winters of Kashmir. Regional Dish : Kashmir […]

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Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला)


Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला) is an Indian delicious recipe. It makes a great dessert. Served as a Diwali sweet dish. Rasgulla  is a traditional Bengali sweet. Regional Dish : Gujarat; Bengal; Andhra; Tamil Nadu; South India and North Indian. Cuisine Style : Bengal | Cooking Time 50 minutes | Take with as Snack | […]

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