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Panjiri (पंजीरी)

Panjiri (पंजीरी)  is also called as Gaund ke Laddu a popular North Indian sweet made from whole wheat flour and edible gum fried in clarified butter, heavily laced with nuts. Gaund is an edible gum extracted from the bark of a tree and is known to provide heat to our body, hence usually consumed in […]

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Motichoor Ladoo (ਮੋਤੀਚੂਰ ਲਾਦੂ, മോടിചൂര്‍ ലടൂ, మోతీచూర్ లడ్డు, मोतीचूर लड्डू)

Motichoor Ladoo (ਮੋਤੀਚੂਰ ਲਾਦੂ, మొతిచూర్ లడ్డు, मोतीचूर लड्डू) This delicious laddoo is a standard Indian sweet served at just about any special occasion in India. It is all time favorite to Lord Ganesha and also served on many occasions all over India , but this is special in North India. Regional Dish : Punjab;  Rajasthan; […]

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