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Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ | Hindi: सन्देश | Telugu: సందేష్)


Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ | Hindi: सन्देश | Telugu: సందేష్) is a simple yet authentic Bengali sweet that is prepared fresh with paneer. It is very nutritious and delicious, now a days we see lot of Bengali sweets section in any sweet shop. As many of Bengali sweets seems laborious, this is very simple to make. […]

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Doodh Puli (দুধ পুলি)

doodh puli

Doodh Puli (দুধ পুলি) is a special sweet that is prepared durin sankranthi  and for durga poojas in Bengali homes. As we all know that Bengal is famous for sweets prepared by milk ; this has milk and rice with the sweetness of jiggery. Regional Dish:  Bengal, Orissa. Cuisine Style: Bengal| Cooking Time 30 mins | Take […]

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Habshi Halwa (हब्शी हलवा)


Habshi Halwa (हब्शी हलवा) It is prepared during Ramadan month all through Pakistan, It is also prepared and sold on streets like haleem. It is a elegant milk, ghee and koya sweet that is filled with nuts of choice. Regional Dish:  Pakistan Cuisine Style: Pakistan | Cooking Time 35 mins | Take it as such | Type […]

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Chena Poda (चेना पोड़ा, চেনা পদ)


Chena Poda (चेना पोड़ा, চেনা পদ) Chena poda(baked cottage cheese) is a sweet dish from the state of Orissa, India. The literal meaning of Chena poda is burnt cottage cheese; Chena is cottage cheese and Poda means burnt. The procedure is simple, home-made cottage cheese is well-kneaded along with dry fruits and sugar, then it […]

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Semiya Payasam (సేమియా పాయసం, சேமியா கீர்,सेंवई खीर)

Semiya Payasam ( సేమియా పాయసం, சேமியா கீர், सेंवई खीर ) Semiya or Vermicelli Payasam is the simplest of all the payasams.The beauty of this ingredient is its adaptability. Any kind of dish can be made from this – sweet or savory dish with any spice, in liquid, semi solid or solid form. In India Semolina […]

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