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Modak (मोदक, కుడుములు,കൊഴുകട്ടി)


Kudumulu (కుడుములు,:मोदक,കൊഴുകട്ടി) Kudumulu is the typical Andhra name, which  is a festival sweet that is prepared on vinayaka chavathi .It is widely known as modak in Maharastra and allover North India  . It is prepared in different ways  with minor modifications, yet all the variations are tasty . Today we will do in three  different […]

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Undrallu (ఉండ్రాళ్ళు, கொழுக்கட்டை, मोदक)


Undrallu (ఉండ్రాళ్ళు, கொழுக்கட்டை, मोदक)is a savoury steamed rice ball, which is offered as a neivedyam during Ganesh Chaturthi. These taste like upma made with rice rawa. Undrallu is an Andhra name for these steamed rice balls. Undrallu goes well with ginger chutney, When offering to Lord Ganesha. Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamil Nadu; Maharashtra; South […]

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Paal kozhakattai (പാല്‍ കൊഴകട്ടി, పాల కుడుములు,दूध मोडक)


Paal kozhakattai (പാല്‍ കൊഴകട്ടി, పాల కుడుములు,दूध मोडक) Paal Kozhakattai is a festive dish prepared widely in Kerala and most parts of south India .It is mainly prepared of rice dumplings in milk and jaggery. Regional Dish :Kerala; Orissa ; South India. Cuisine Style :Kerala | Cooking  Time 1 hour | Take as such and served […]

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