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Ginger Chicken Curry (अदरक की चिकन करी)

Ginger Chicken Curry (अदरक की चिकन करी)  is loaded with the richness of ginger as the name itself, which can be enjoyed with rice or any Indian flat bread. Regional Dish:  North India Cuisine Style: North India| Cooking Time 60mins | Take it with rice/ roti|  Type  Curry| Shelf Life : 1  day| Quantity : 4 Servings. […]

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Taj Mahal Chicken (ताज महल चिकन)

Taj Mahal Chicken (ताज महल चिकन) Regional Dish:  India Cuisine Style: North India | Cooking Time 35 mins | Take it with rice/ chapathi | Type Curry| Shelf Life : 1  day| Quantity : 6 Servings. Appx. Nutritional values calculated for 1 serving: Calories (247Kcal), Carbohydrates (11g), Protein (13g), Fat (16g). Ingredients: 1 kg Chicken  cut into […]

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Malabar Chicken Curry (मालाबार चिकन करी, മലബാര് ചിക്കന് കറി, మలబార్ చికెన్ కూర)

Malabar Chicken Curry (मालाबार चिकन करी,മലബാര്ചിക്കന്കറി, మలబార్ చికెన్ కూర)  This is authentic curry prepared in Malabar region of Kerala. In this the chicken curry is made with fried coconut  and coconut milk that makes is very much different from other chicken curries. Which has the richness and flavor fullness and creamy texture of coconut in […]

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Chicken Curry (चिकन (मुर्गी) करी, కోడి కూర, கோழி கறி, তরকারি)

Chicken Curry (विशुद्ध भारतीय चिकन (मुर्गी) करी, కోడి కూర, கோழி கறி,  তরকারি) As we know chicken curry is prepared with different variations all around the world. But below mentioned recipe is what prepared in many Indian homes, with excluding one or two ingredients. This curry is enjoyed with either rice or with chapathi. As this […]

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