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Kobbari Laddu (కొబ్బరిలడ్డు, கோகோனுட்லட்டு, नारिअल का लड्डू)


Kobbari Laddu (కొబ్బరిలడ్డు, கோகோனுட்லட்டு, नारिअल का लड्डू)is a very delicious and easy sweet . It is most popular in the South India. Regional Dish: Kerala; Andhra Pradesh; Tamil Nadu. Cuisine Style: Andhra Pradesh | Preparation Time 20minutes | Cooking Time 10 minutes | Type sweet | Take as a snack | Shelf Life: 5 days […]

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Coconut Rice (కొబ్బరి అన్నం, नारियल का चावल,தேங்காய் சாதம்)

coconut rice

Coconut Rice (కొబ్బరి అన్నం, नारियल का चावल,தேங்காய் சாதம்) It is a south Indian Rice variety which is light and has that richness of coconut in every morsel. The rice is cooked in water or to give more flavor, it is cooked in combination of water and coconut milk and then it is seasoned with grated […]

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Mango-Coconut chutney (కొబ్బరి మామిడికాయ పచ్చడి, தேங்காய் Mஅமிடி கய சுட்ன்ய், नारियल आम का चटनी)


Mango-Coconut chutney( కొబ్బరి మామిడికాయ  పచ్చడి, தேங்காய் Mஅமிடி கய சுட்ன்ய் ,नारियल आम का चटनी)  is one of the traditional and authentic chutneys in Andhra Pradesh, usually eaten with plain hot  rice.It  is a very simple and easy to make, which has a tangy sweet flavor. Regional dish: Andhra pradesh; Tamilnadu; South India. Cuisine Style: Andhra pradesh […]

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