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Dahi Ke Kabab (दही के कबाब)

dhai ke kebab

Dahi Ke Kabab (दही के कबाब) are extremely delicious as they melt in mouth. Dahi kabab is a special recipe belonging to awadh. Savoring taste of hung curd having light spices and served with green coriander or mint chutney, you will surely like it. It is full of Awadhi taste but also full of Awadhi […]

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Chicken Seekh Kabab (चिकन सीख कबाब)


Chicken Seekh Kabab (चिकन सीख कबाब)  Kabab or kebab means using minced meat mixed with spices and herbs, than grilled on skewers. Traditionally these are cooked in tandoor or clay Owen and served with mint chutney. These kababs are prepared with lamb , chicken , beef minced , Even veggi seekh kababs are made now […]

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Soya-Paneer-Kababs (सोया पनीर कबाब)


Soya-Paneer-Kababs (सोया पनीर कबाब)  Soya Paneer kabab is a Indian Kebab with fusion with soya granules. It is delicious and nutritious because it has soya and paneer which are rich in protein. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by anyone without guilt. It can be baked, shallow fried or deep fried. Regional […]

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Shami kabab (شامی کباب,షమి కెబాబ్, शामी कबाब)


Shami kabab (Urdu: شامی کباب, Hindi: शामी कबाब), or shami tikka is a popular Pakistani, Persian, and Indian style of kebab, that is composed of small patty minced mutton or beef, ground chickpeas and spices. Shami kebabs are an extremely popular snack in Pakistan. They are often garnished with lemon juice and/or sliced raw onions, […]

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