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Corn Fritters

corn fitters

Corn Fritters is another corn snack variety that has the goodness of corn and egg. These can be enjoyed like a snack, appetizer or like a side in meal. Regional Dish: Andhra Pradesh Cuisine Style: Andhra Pradesh| Cooking Time 30 mins | Take it as Such| Type Snack| Shelf Life : 1 day| Quantity : […]

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Soya-Paneer-Kababs (सोया पनीर कबाब)


Soya-Paneer-Kababs (सोया पनीर कबाब)  Soya Paneer kabab is a Indian Kebab with fusion with soya granules. It is delicious and nutritious because it has soya and paneer which are rich in protein. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by anyone without guilt. It can be baked, shallow fried or deep fried. Regional […]

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Onion Pakoda (ఉల్లిపాయ పకోడీ, வெங்காயம் பகோடா, प्याज पकोड़ा)


Onion Pakoda(ఉల్లిపాయ పకోడీ , வெங்காயம் பகோடா, प्याज पकोड़ा) Onion pakoda is all time favorite for any age group in India and who need a light evening snack with tea/coffee. This crispy  pakoda goes well with or without tomato sauce and can be used as side dish for variety of rice preparations like lemon rice, tamrind […]

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