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Egg Fry (గుడ్డు వేపుడు, முட்டை பொறி, अंडा तलना)

golden egg curry3

Scrambled Eggs(గుడ్డు వేపుడు, முட்டை பொறி, अंडा तलना) This fry is  goes very well with rice and can be prepared in no time and tastes awesome. Regional Dish: Andhra Pradesh; Tamilnadu; North and South India; Some places in the world. Cuisine Style: Andhra Pradesh| Cooking Time :15 minutes| Take with rice | Type fry| Shelf Life […]

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Egg Fry (గుడ్డు వేపుడు, ஏகக் பரி, अंडा तलना)

Egg Fry

Egg  Fry (గుడ్డు వేపుడు , ஏகக் பரி , अंडा तलना) is a very popular recipe. A fried egg is a food made from an egg fried whole with minimal accompaniment. Regional Dish : Kerala; Andhra Pradesh; Tamilnadu; almost South India, Some places in North India. Cuisine Style : Kerala| Cooking  Time 30 minutes |  Take […]

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