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Dal Makhani (ਦਲ ਮਾਖਾਨੀ, ದಲ್ ಮಖಾನಿ, దాల్ మఖని, பருப்பு மக்ஹனி, दाल माखनी)


Dal makhani (ਦਲ ਮਾਖਾਨੀ, ದಲ್ ಮಖಾನಿ, దాల్  మఖని, பருப்பு மக்ஹனி, दाल माखनी) a flavourful robust lentil delicacy from punjab. Dal Makhani is one of Punjabi cuisine’s most characteristic signature dishes, and is high in protein–an important attribute in primarily vegetarian cultures. Traditionally this dal is cooked on low flame, for hours, on charcoal, which gives […]

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