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Apple Oatmeal


Apple Oatmeal This is very much new to Indian’s. It is native to American breakfast tables.This grain is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients needed for our body. It helps making and maintaining our skin smooth and glowing. That’s the reason now many body lotions contain oats as it helps in curing sever dry […]

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Pongal (పొంగలి, பொங்கல், पोंगल, ಪೊಂಗಲ್)


Pongal (పొంగలి, பொங்கல், पोंगल, ಪೊಂಗಲ್) Pongal is a traditional South-Indian dish made with rice and moong dal which is flavored with ghee tampering of cashew nuts and whole peppercorns.It is a festive dish as well as a mini meals , Breakfast. It is served as such or with sambar and coconut chutney. Religion Dish : […]

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Oats upma (ഒഅട്സ ഉപമ, ఓట్స్ ఉప్మా, ஓட்ஸ் உபம, ओट्स नमकीं)


Oats upma (ഒഅട്സ ഉപമ, ఓట్స్ ఉప్మా, ஓட்ஸ் உபம, ओट्स नमकीं) is inexpensive and quick to prepare, a bowl of oatmeal lends itself beautifully to healthy additions like dried fruit, nuts. Regional dish :   Kerala; Andhra; Tamilnadu; Karnataka; North India and in some parts of world. Cuisine Style : Kerala | Cooking Time 20 minutes | […]

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