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Walnut Halwa (अखरोट हलवा)

akhroat halwa

Walnut Halwa (अखरोट हलवा)  This halwa is called as akhroat halwa too. Walnuts are good in good fatty acids . This halwa is often prepared during the winter months, as it is supposed to keep the body warm and protect it from the bitter winter cold. Regional Dish:  North India Cuisine Style: Delhi | Cooking Time 30 […]

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Banana Halwa (केले की हल्वा, ബനാന ഹല്വ, అరటిపండు హల్వ)


Banana Halwa (केले की हल्वा, ബനാന ഹല്‍വ, అరటిపండు హల్వ) Banana halwa is famous in kerala, the people in this place know how to use and prepare every part of banana plant and coconut tree. One among many banana recipes this halwa is famous. It is made with just few ingredients , but the outcome is […]

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Moong dal halwa (পেসার পাপ্পু হালব, పెసర పప్పు హల్వ, பாதம் பரப்பு ஹல்வா, मूंग दल हाल्वा)


Moong dal halwa (পেসার পাপ্পু  হালব, పెసర పప్పు హల్వ,  பாதம் பரப்பு ஹல்வா, मूंग दल हाल्वा) Moong Dal Halwa is a traditional dessert made from milk and yellow lentils and originates from the State of Rajasthan in North West India. It is a rich sweet which is rich in calories. Regional dish : Rajasthani; South India and […]

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