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Gummadikaya Pulusu (കുള്ളം ക്ലേശിക്കുക, பரங்கிக்காய் புலுசு, గుమ్మడికాయ పులుసు, कददू साग)


Gummadikaya Pulusu (കുള്ളം ക്ലേശിക്കുക, பரங்கிக்காய் புலுசு, గుమ్మడికాయ పులుసు, कददू साग) Gummadikaya pulusu,Means pumpkin (stew) . pumpkin is loaded with an important antioxidant, beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is one of the plant carotids converted to vitamin A in our body. Regional Dish : Kerala; Tamilnadu; Andhra; South and some places in North India and it is subcontinental dish. […]

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Beerakaya Ullikaram (బీరకాయ ఉల్లికారం, பீர்கங்கை ஒனியன் கரவி,तूराय और प्याज की सब्जी)


Beerakaya Ullikaram (బీరకాయ ఉల్లికారం , பீர்கங்கை ஒனியன் கரவி, तूराय और प्याज की सब्जी) It is very delicious dish with hot rice or roti . Beerakaya has lot of water content and potentially cools body and also has a lot of fiber. Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamilnadu; Kerala; South India. Cuisine Style : Andhra | Cooking […]

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Kanda Bachhali Koora (சேனைக் பச்ஹலி குற, కంద బచ్చలి కూర, ज़िमी मालाबार पालक)

kanda Bachhali koora

Kanda Bachhali Koora (కంద బచ్చలి కూర, சேனைக் பச்ஹலி குற, ज़िमी मालाबार पालक ) is a south Indian dish and the style that is shown in this is typical andhra with avva means adding mustard paste to add spice to curry. Regional Dish: Tamilnadu; Andhra Pradesh; South India. Cuisine Style: Andhra Pradesh | Cooking Time:  20min | […]

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Chamadhumpala Pulusu (చామదుంపల పులుసు, ஆர்பி புலுஸு, अरब की ग्रेवी)


Chamadhumpala Pulusu (చామదుంపల పులుసు, ஆர்பி புலுஸு, अरब की ग्रेवी ) Arbi  is also called Taro Root.  The good thing is that they stay longer than any other roots and come as a great rescue.It is prepared in gravy as well as fry form and both taste different . Regional Dish: Andhra Pradesh; Tamilnadu; Some of South […]

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