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Hummus ( हामास)


Hummus ( हामास)Hummus , It is chickpea / garbanzo beans dip or spread , which is staple in middle east cuisine.It is rich in proteins, good fat, iron and fiber. It is very much vegan too , it can be enjoyed with any food as a spread that is from pita bread, pita chips , […]

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Guacamole (गुआकामोले )


Guacamole  (गुआकामोले) Guacamole, who doesn’t know what it means, It is a famous Mexican salad or a side that goes with any thing , not just Mexican food. It can be served with tortilla chips, Tacos, as a spread, with veggies,  on a French bread , burgers , eggs , roll in a chapatti etc. […]

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