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Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला)


Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला) is an Indian delicious recipe. It makes a great dessert. Served as a Diwali sweet dish. Rasgulla  is a traditional Bengali sweet. Regional Dish : Gujarat; Bengal; Andhra; Tamil Nadu; South India and North Indian. Cuisine Style : Bengal | Cooking Time 50 minutes | Take with as Snack | […]

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Boondi laddu (బుంది లడ్డు, பூண்டிலட்டு, बूंदी के लड्डू , ಬೂಂದಿಲಾಡು)


Boondi laddu (బుంది లడ్డు, பூண்டிலட்டு, बूंदी के लड्डू , ಬೂಂದಿಲಾಡು): Boondi laddu is the basic laddu that is made in any Andhra homes taking to festivals like dewali/deepawali and on occasions like marriages . It is enjoyed by all age groups. Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamilnadu; Karnataka; Kerala; South India; North India. Cuisine Style : […]

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