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Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला)


Rasgulla (ਰਾਸ੍ਗੁਲ੍ਲਾ, রসগোল্লা, రసగుల్లా, रसगुल्ला) is an Indian delicious recipe. It makes a great dessert. Served as a Diwali sweet dish. Rasgulla  is a traditional Bengali sweet. Regional Dish : Gujarat; Bengal; Andhra; Tamil Nadu; South India and North Indian. Cuisine Style : Bengal | Cooking Time 50 minutes | Take with as Snack | […]

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Purnam Burelu (పూర్ణం బూరెలు, பூர்ணம் பூறேழு, पूर्णं बुरेलु)


Purnam Burelu (పూర్ణం బూరెలు, பூர்ணம் பூறேழு, पूर्णं बुरेलु) is one of the main sweet which is offered to God in any pooja performed in all Andhra homes. Termed to be a heavenly delicacy of Andhra region or cuisine. This is made like sweet dumplings especially during Sankranti, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vara Lakshmi Pooja and Dusshera festival […]

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