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Dali Ambat (Konkani Coconut daal)


Dali Ambat (Konkani Coconut daal)  is an important part of our everyday meal. Konkani daal is made coconut curry which is  called Dali Ambat which definitely requires grinding a masala. Ambat in Konkani refers to a coconut curry in which the seasoning is made of onions. One can make this recipe with or without vegetables, […]

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Suki Urad Dal (सूखी उड़द की दाल)

suki urad dal

Suki Urad Dal (सूखी उड़द की दाल) is a favorite recipe from the hills of Missouri. This dal cooks quickly . It is usually served  with yogurt and salsa salad of tomato and red onions. Regional Dish: Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana. Cuisine Style: Himachal Pradesh | Cooking Time 30mins | Take it with rice/ roti| Type  Dal| Shelf […]

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