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Khatta (खट्टा)


Khatta (खट्टा) is from Himachal Pradesh , the Pahari cuisine. Khatta literally means sour and that is really what this dish is all about.It’s a scrumptiously sour gravy which is made of amchur powder which is basically a spice made by pulverizing dried green mangos. The way I like making khatta is with fried besan ka boondis […]

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Boondi kura (బూందీ కూర)


Boondi kura (బూందీ కూర) This is very unique recipe that is prepared in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.We know that this boondi is made in sweet and spicy ways, sweet to make traditional laddu’s and kara boondi as a savory. This recipe is made with Kaara boondi once which is salty and […]

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