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Green Smoothies (हरा सब्जियों का स्मूदीया, పచ్చటి కూరగాయల స్మూతీలు)


Green Smoothies (हरा सब्जियों का  स्मूदीया, పచ్చటి కూరగాయలు స్మూతీలు ) Green Smoothies, now in trend are smoothies packed with odd vegetables and fruits which when blended no one can tell how yummy it becomes. The health benefits of these drinks are so many to chalk down. One great way to start a day in fact […]

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Panna Cotta (पन्ना कोटा)


Panna Cotta (पन्ना कोटा, పన్నా కోటా, પન્ના કોટા) Panna Cotta is a classic Italian dessert that is quick and easy to make. In Italy, the word Panna Cotta literally means cooked in cream. This heavenly yet simple dessert can be topped with any fresh fruit, glazed fruit, fruit sauce. It is a gelatin dessert topped […]

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