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Magaya (మాగాయ పచ్చడి)


Magaya (మాగాయ పచ్చడి)  The preparation of this pickle is quite different from any other mango pickles as the pickle is prepared with dried mango pieces. This pickle is quite laborious . Maagaya is again a Andhra families favorite after avakaya. The taste, texture of this pickle when mixed with hot rice , dal and ghee […]

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Nuvvula Avakaya (నువ్వుల అవకయ)

nuvvu avakaya

Nuvvula Avakaya (నువ్వుల అవకయ) this pickle would be ready to eat in a day or two but does not last long , usually this pickle is enjoyed before the real avakaya pickling is done. It is enjoyed with hot hot steamed rice with a dollop of ghee. This pickle is spicy and has the sesame […]

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Pesara Avakaya ( పెసర ఆవకాయ)

pesara avakaya

Pesara Avakaya ( పెసర ఆవకాయ) also called as moong dal mango pickle,  Andhra avakaya pickle with moong dal powder. Pesara avakaya is quite distinct in taste compared to the regular avakaya with a dominant flavor of moong dal. In this avakaya moong dal powder is used instead of mustard powder and hence a different taste.Pesara avakaya […]

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