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Puri ( పూరి, பூரி, पूरी, ಪುರಿ)


Puri ( పూరి, பூரி, पूरी, ಪುರಿ)  It is consumed for breakfast, as a snack or light meal. Poori is an easy to make recipe, which can be relished with a variety of side dishes. Puri is most commonly served at breakfast. It is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with other vegetarian food offered in prayer as prasadam. The name Puri comes from the Sanskrit word पूरिका (pūrikā).

Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamilnadu; Karnataka; mumbai; Kerala; Goa; South and North India; some parts of south Asia.

Cuisine Style : Andhra | Cooking  Time 20 minutes | Take it with potato curry, chole , sweet rava kesari | Type breakfast |  Shelf  Life : 1 day|Quantity : 6 Servings

Appx. Nutritional values :  calculated for 1 serving (2nos)

Calories (212 Kcal), Carbohydrates (32.8 g), Protein (4.4 g), Fat (7.8 g).

Ingredients :

  • Wheat flour or maida ( all purpose flour)   3 cups
  • Water   ¾ cup
  • Salt   a pinc
  • Oil     for frying
  • Ghee or oil    for rolling the dough

Methods :

  1. Take a bowl and mix the flour,water,salt and make stiff dough. Cover the dough and keep it  to rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Then divide the dough into small balls of lemon size.
  3. Now take the ball and slightly dip into the oil or ghee and roll it in a flat surface.
  4. Now take the kadai and pour oil. Heat the oil and leave slowly the round shape rolled dough into the oil and fry it for few seconds.
  5. Then turn other side with the spatula and again fry until golden brown colour appears.
  6. Then remove from the kadai/ skillet.
  7. Serve hot with potato /channa curry.


Other variants / Cuisine Style : 1. Sweet puri 2. Sola puri , spinach puri, hari puri, methi puri. puri with kesari. puri with mango juice.


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