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Pachi pulusu (పచ్చి పులుసు, பச்சி புலுசு, पच्ची पुलुसू)


Pachi pulusu (పచ్చి పులుసు, பச்சி புலுசு, पच्ची पुलुसू) The typical lunch in an andhra family usually includes rice, curd, one dry vegetable (koora) or chutni (pacchadi) with liquid – pappu (using dal) or pulusu (using vegetables and tamarind). First the hot rice is had with pacchadi/koora, then rice with pappu/pulusu, and then rice is mixed with curd and had as last item.

Regional Dish : Andhra Pradesh; Tamilnadu; South India.

Cuisine Style :  Andhra Pradesh | Cooking  Time 25 minutes | Take with rice | Type curry | Shelf Life : 1 day

Appx. Nutritional values calculated for 1 serving ( 1cup):

Calories( 25 kcal) , Carbohydrates(10.0 g) ,  Protein (0.2g), Fat  (0.5 g)

Ingredients :

  • Tamarind  a lemon sized ball
  • Onion    1
  • Green Chilli    2 Split
  • Jaggery   1tbs
  • Dry Red Chilli     2
  • Mustard    1 tsp
  • Curry leaves     5
  • Cumin    1 tsp
  • Salt    as needed
  • Oil    as needed

Method :

  1. Cut onion finely and slit green chilli
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan.
  3. Add red chilli, fry and powder.
  4. Soak tamarind in 3 cups of water and prepare extract.
  5. Add salt, onion, green chilli, chilli powder to the extract.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan.
  7. Add mustard and when it splutters, add cumin, curry leaves and add to the tamarind extract.
  8. Add jaggery, salt, mix well and serve after 30 minutes.


Other variants / Cuisine Style : 1. Simple pacchi pulusu 2. Pacchi pulusu with onions. 3. Pachi pulusu with vankaya.


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