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Mango Pachadi (மங்க சிடினி, మామిడికాయ పచ్చడి, आम चुटनी)


Mango Pachadi(மங்க சிடினி, మామిడికాయ పచ్చడి, आम चुटनी)  is a Tamilnadu, South Indian dish. Called Manga pachadi in Tamil. As this mango pachadi has sweet, hot and sour taste, we make this pachadi in festival days, representing the flavours of life. Very special also very tasty.

Regional Dish: Tamilnadu; Andhrapradesh; South India.

Cuisine Style: Tamilnadu | Cooking Time 20 minutes | Take with Rice | Type Chutney | Shelf Life:  3 days| Quantity :  10 Servings.

Appx.Nutritional values:calculated for 1serving (1tbsp)

Calories (10 kcal), Carbohydrate   (2 g), Protein ( 0.84 g), Fat(0.45 g).


  • Green Mango( medium ripped (slightly sour&sweet))  1 (unseed peel skin and slice in to small  thin pieces)
  • Fresh grated coconut 2 Tbsp(optional)
  • Jaggery  2 cups (crushed)
  • Red dry chilly  2
  • Mustard seeds   1 spoon
  • Asefetoda  1 spoon
  • Turmeric powder   1 spoon
  • Salt  as per taste
  • Oil   2 spoons


1. Heat oil in kadai and put the mustard seeds, let it to splatter. Now add red dry chilly and asefetoda.
2. Now add the sliced mango, turmeric powder, salt and water just enough for the mangoes to sink.
3. Cover and cook for 5 to 7 mins.
4. Now mash the mangoes slightly and add the crushed jaggery to it.
5. After jaggery is fully dissolved, heat it to a thick jam-like consistancy. ( at this stage we can add fresh grated coconut).
6. Taste and adjust sweetness as per your wish.


Other varients  / Cuisine Style: 1.  Mango Coconut  Chutney.

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