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Mango-Coconut chutney (కొబ్బరి మామిడికాయ పచ్చడి, தேங்காய் Mஅமிடி கய சுட்ன்ய், नारियल आम का चटनी)


Mango-Coconut chutney( కొబ్బరి మామిడికాయ  పచ్చడి, தேங்காய் Mஅமிடி கய சுட்ன்ய் ,नारियल आम का चटनी)  is one of the traditional and authentic chutneys in Andhra Pradesh, usually eaten with plain hot  rice.It  is a very simple and easy to make, which has a tangy sweet flavor.

Regional dish: Andhra pradesh; Tamilnadu; South India.

Cuisine Style: Andhra pradesh | Preparation time 20 mins | Type Chutneys | Take with rice | Shelf life :  3 days if refrigerated | Quantity :  8Servings.

Appx.Nutritional values: calculated for 1 serving (1Tbsp)

Calories (96K cals), Carbohydrates (7g), Protein (g), Fat (5g)


  • Raw Mango pieces   1/2 cup
  • Freshly grated  coconut   1cup
  • Green chillies   3 to 4
  • Salt to taste

For seasoning or tempering:

  • Urad dal  1/2 tsp
  • Mustard seeds   1/2 tsp
  • Curry leaves  few
  • Hing   pinch
  • Oil  1tsp
  • Dry Red chillies   2(optional)


1. Grind the coconut, mango pieces,  sauted green chillies and salt by adding very little water to a coarse mixture in a blender.
2. Heat oil in a pan add the seasoning ingredients ,after the mustard starts spluttering add this to the above ground mixture and mix well.
3. This tastes good with hot plain rice ore even with dosas or idlis.

Other variants / Cuisine Style : mango coconut chutney with redchilles, mango coconut chutney with garlic , mango coconut curds chutney.


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