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Kajalu (కాజాలు, கஜலு, काजालू )


Kajalu (కాజాలు, கஜலு, काजालू) Some of the popular sweet in Andhra (specially in godavari dist.). It is often prepared in every andhra festival be it Deewali or Sankranti and for most of the special occasions.

Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamil Nadu; Karnataka; Kerala; South India.

Cuisine Style : Andhra | Cooking Time 1 hour | Take it as Snack | Type Sweet |  Shelf Life : 1 week.

Appx. Nutritional values calculated for 1 serving ( 1nos) :

Calories (160 Kcal), Carbohydrates (20 g), Protein (0.5 g), Fat (5 g)

Ingredients to serve :

  • Maida / all purpose flour  3 cups
  • Ghee    2 tbsp
  • Salt 1/2 tsp
  • Baking powder 1 tsp
  • Oil for deep frying

For sugar syrup :

  1. Sugar  2cups
  2. Water   2cups
  3. Cardamom powder 1 tsp

Method :

  1. Sieve the maida/all purpose flour , salt and baking powder
  2. To the above mix add  ghee and mix it with water like the chapathi dough. Keep aside this dough 30 mints.
  3. Prepare sugar syrup medium consistency ( thickeer then gulab jamun syrup and lesser  then single thread consistency) and add cardamom powder to the syrup.
  4. Now take a medium sized dough ball and roll it like chapathi then apply little bit oil or ghee on chapathi.
  5. Cut the chapathi 3-4 cm bits with a sharp knife like ribbons then rotate this ribbon like a mat.
  6. Now heat oil and deep fry them to golden crispy brown (on medium heat).
  7. Dip them into the syrup,and allow them to soak for 20 minutes afterwords remove & let cool.

Other variants / Cuisine Style : None.

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