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Fruit salad (ఫ్రూట్ సలాడ్, பழம் சலத், फल सलाड)


Fruit salad (ఫ్రూట్  సలాడ్, பழம் சலத், फल सलाड) Tropical fruits grow plentifully in India and are commonly used in desserts.  Ripe, sweet fruits are important for this dish; This simple summer fruit salad is best made with very ripe fruit as it contains no additional sugar.
The combination of fruit can be varied according to the season, making use of strawberries , mangoes and cherries early in the summer and grapes and plums later on.
Serve it with custard for a special occasion, otherwise it makes a delicious light desert on its own.

Regional Dish : Andhra Pradesh; Tamilnadu; Karnataka; Kerala; South India and North India.

Cuisine Style : Andhra; Preparation time 30 | Take with honey , ice cream, custard | Type salad | Shelf Life : 2 days refrigerated | Quantity : 5 Servings.

Appx .Nutritional values:calculated for 1 serving ( 1cup)

Calories (110 Kcal), Carbohydrates (27 g), Protein (1 g), Fat (0 g).


For dressing :

  • Fat free yogurt   / plain curds 1 cup
  • Strawberry’s    3  nos chopped
  • Orange zest (peel) grated    1 tsp
  • Orange juice  1 Tbsp
  • Honey 1 Tbsp  (optional)

For salad:

  • Apple     1 no ( cut in to small cubes)
  • Mango   1  no (cut in to small cubes)
  • Green grapes   1/2 cup  (cut in to halves)
  • Banana   1 no.  (cut in to small pieces)
  • Walnuts    3 nos (chopped  finely )


For yogurt dressing :
1. Make strawberry pulp in a blender and pour in to a mixing bowl and add yogurt, orange juice, orange zest, honey and mix well till all ingredients are well combine, keep this dressing in fridge for 10 min.

How to combine salad :
1.    In the same time you can chop all fruits
2.    Now take all fruits in a mixing bowl and pour fruit yogurt on it and combine well to coat the dressing on all fruit pieces.
3.    Spoon out the salad in to serving bowls and top with a Tbsp of fruit yogurt, walnuts and serve chilled.
You can use any berries, mango  for fruit yogurt dressing  as they give a great taste.


Other variants / Cuisine Style : 1. Simple fruit salad 2. Fruit salad with other fruits and cashew nuts.3. fruit salad with custard, 4.fruit salad with milk,5. fruit salad with ice cream.


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