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Champorado (Chocolate Rice Pudding)


Champorado (Chocolate Rice Pudding)  This is a favorite Filipino recipe. A sticky sweet rice pudding loaded with chocolate flavor. A variation can be done by adding some peanut butter (creamy or chunky). It can be eaten as a snack or dessert or the best breakfast during winter months. Regional Dish: Philippines Cuisine Style: Filipino| Preparation […]

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Healthy Vegan Orange Blueberry Muffins


Healthy Vegan Orange Blueberry Muffins are baked without egg and butter, and also used whole fruits and whole wheat flour to some extent so this recipe is truly a nutritious alternative to regular variety. You can prepare this muffins with choice of fruit and nuts too. These can become a part of breakfast or snack […]

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Microwave Pedas (माइक्रोवेव के पेड़ा)


Microwave Pedas (माइक्रोवेव के पेड़ा) are traditional Indian sweets, simple, delicious and very tasty. This is a very quick microwave recipe with authentic touch and flavor. It takes only 15 minutes to make this delicious peda. Regional Dish: All over India Cuisine Style: India | Preparation Time: 15 minutes | Take it as such | […]

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Date Cake with fruit Compote (खजूर का केक )

date cake

Date Cake with fruit Compote(खजूर का केक)  is a egg less Indian version of cake that is dense and loaded with flavors. It can be enjoyed as it is or can also be served with fruit compote. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 50 minutes | Take it as such | Type […]

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Sweet Nothings

sweet nothings

Sweet Nothings is a simple and elegant sweet that can be prepared in no time , the final product is soft, and can please any guest. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 15 minutes | Take it as such | Type Sweet| Shelf Life: 1 week | Servings 5 Appx. Nutritional values […]

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Sweet Potatoes Classic

baked sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes Classic can be enjoyed year round; when it is boiled the sweetness enhances and also makes to easily digestible.  This is the same out boiled and mashed sweet potatoes with a twist and richness of cream , sugar and nuts. As sweet potatoes are rich in soluble fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins like A […]

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Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake  is from Latin American region; the name itself speaks as it’s a sponge cake that is soaked in 3 types of milk such as sweet en condensed milk, heavy whipping milk or half and half, evaporated milk. This cake is prepared for all special days. This cake is light, rich in flavor […]

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Double Decker Oreo Fudge

oreo fudge

Double Decker Oreo Fudge  is the fast and easy fudge with the twist of oreo cookie . The Oreo gives the fudge a nice texture and flavor from the richness of the chocolates. Regional Dish:  America Cuisine Style: America | Cooking Time 90 mins | Take it as such | Type Sweet| Shelf Life: 5 days if refrigerated| […]

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Doodh Puli (দুধ পুলি)

doodh puli

Doodh Puli (দুধ পুলি) is a special sweet that is prepared durin sankranthi  and for durga poojas in Bengali homes. As we all know that Bengal is famous for sweets prepared by milk ; this has milk and rice with the sweetness of jiggery. Regional Dish:  Bengal, Orissa. Cuisine Style: Bengal| Cooking Time 30 mins | Take […]

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Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns (Ranga Alur Puli) (রাঙ্গা আলুর পুলি)

rang alur puli

Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns (Ranga Alur Puli) (রাঙ্গা আলুর পুলি)  is a typical bengali sweet that is prepared during makara sankranthi , the harvest time. Many other sweet dishes are prepared using sweet potatoes apart using them in other foods. This dish is very much enjoyed as they look like jamun’s but to once surprise […]

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