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Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ | Hindi: सन्देश | Telugu: సందేష్)


Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ | Hindi: सन्देश | Telugu: సందేష్) is a simple yet authentic Bengali sweet that is prepared fresh with paneer. It is very nutritious and delicious, now a days we see lot of Bengali sweets section in any sweet shop. As many of Bengali sweets seems laborious, this is very simple to make. […]

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Agar Agar Burfi (अगर अगरबर्फी)


Agar Agar Burfi (अगर अगरबर्फी) is one of the easiest burfi that can be made in no time. It’s a burfi that is sweet, cold and also looks and taste like jelly. Regional Dish:  North India, South India Cuisine Style: Nouth Indian | Cooking Time 60  mins | Take it  as such | Type Sweetl […]

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Rasmalai (రసమలై, ரசமலை, रसमलाई)


Rasmalai (రసమలై, ரசமலை, रसमलाई)  is a very popular sweet / dessert from Bengal . But in recent years this became popular all over India and now  over world .It is prepared from paneer balls cooked in syrup and then soaked into malai(cream). It is very delicious and all time favorite.This sweet with other sweets made from […]

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Kobbari Laddu (కొబ్బరిలడ్డు, கோகோனுட்லட்டு, नारिअल का लड्डू)


Kobbari Laddu (కొబ్బరిలడ్డు, கோகோனுட்லட்டு, नारिअल का लड्डू)is a very delicious and easy sweet . It is most popular in the South India. Regional Dish: Kerala; Andhra Pradesh; Tamil Nadu. Cuisine Style: Andhra Pradesh | Preparation Time 20minutes | Cooking Time 10 minutes | Type sweet | Take as a snack | Shelf Life: 5 days […]

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Mawa Gujiya (मावा गुझिय)


Mawa Gujiya (मावा गुझिय) are traditional sweet that is prepared during festival seasons with variations, this mawa gujiya is from North India that is enjoyed a lot. Regional Dish: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh Cuisine Style : Delhi | Cooking Time 1 1/2 hour | Take it as Snack | Type Sweet | Shelf Life : 2 […]

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Paramanam (இனிப்புபொங்கல், పరమానం, चावलकी खीर)


Paramanam (இனிப்புபொங்கல், పరమానం, चावलकी खीर)is pure South Indian sweet usually served as prasadam on festivals in every home. It is simple yet a delicious as it has goodness of milk and jiggery. Regional dish: Tamil Nadu; Andhra Pradesh; Kerala, Karnataka Cuisine style: Tamil Nadu | Cooking Time 20 minutes | Take it as such | […]

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Raw Carrot Cupcake with Orange Vanilla Cream

raw cupcakes

Raw Carrot Cupcake with Orange Vanilla Cream is perfect dessert  to make for any occasion and perfect to share with family, friends, kids, and more! The cupcakes are also perfectly portioned for those who want to keep true to a low fat raw vegan lifestyle. Even though this recipe is raw, it is loaded with […]

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Raw Pumpkin Pie


Raw Pumpkin Pie is so easy to make in just 2 easy steps with a good food processor and ingredients. It is rich in calories but with all the goodness of raw food , unprocessed and not cooked so all the nutrients are intact. Regional Dish: Cuisine Style: Raw and Vegan| Preparation Time: 2hrs | […]

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Coffee Pudding

Coffee pudding

Coffee Pudding  the name itself speaks , pudding that can be served warm or cold with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream or any topping of once like with a rich coffee taste , it makes a heavenly dessert of a nice warm cozy dinner on any table. Instead of eggs we can […]

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Biko is a sweet, sticky rice which is usually brown in color. It is topped with latik or fried coconut flakes. This is a classic Filipino dessert. When biko is cooking, it has a remarkably distinct aroma that can be extremely mouthwatering. It is an easy dish to prepare. It does, however, need constant stirring […]

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