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Panakam Vada Pappu (పానకం వడపప్పు)


Panakam Vada Pappu (పానకం వడపప్పు) is a festive and traditional recipe that is prepared in Andhra Pradesh on Sri Rama Navami. As this festival comes during summer time, panakam is prepared and enjoyed, it is a body cooler and thirst quencher along with this vada pappu is also prepared. These two along with chalimidi are offered […]

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Citrus Tea

citrus tea

Citrus Tea is a ice tea that is enjoyed during summer afternoons. This tea is very refreshing and also packed with vitamin C. It helps in maintaining our body fluids. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: India | Preparation Time: 15 mins | Take it as such | Type : Soft drink| Shelf Life : 1 […]

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Ginger Tea ( Hot & Cold)

ginger tea

Having a cup of  ginger tea at any time of the day is enjoyable. During cold winters its soothing to sip hot hot and during summers its very refreshing and when a touch of lemon is added it becomes thirst quencher too. As ginger is used in all sorts of cooking all around the world […]

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Masala Coke

masala coke

Masala Coke This is a Desi  twist to ordinary coke , which can be enjoyed during summer. It is cooling, refreshing and thirst quencher. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: India | Cooking Time 10 minutes | Take it as Such | Type Soft Drink| Shelf Life: 1 day | Servings 1 Appx. Nutritional values calculated […]

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Mango Gazpacho


Mango Gazpacho is like a good cold soup/ drink in the summer. It’s like salad in a soup. This Mango Gazpacho is like mango salsa transformed into soup. It’s a combination of sweet, spicy and crunchy, with a summery aroma. Regional Dish: South America Cuisine Style: South America| Cooking Time 15 mins | Take it […]

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Kulfi (कुल्फी, કુલ્ફી, কুলফি)


Kulfi (कुल्फी, કુલ્ફી, কুলফি) It is an Indian version of Ice cream which is enjoyed in any season and for any occasion. It is infused with flavors of cardamom, saffron that are blended with coarsely grounded choice of nuts like ( almonds, cashews, pistachios which when eaten comes in every bite. It is just made […]

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Badam Milk(बादाम का दूध, బాదం పాలు, বাদাম দুধ,બદામ દૂધ)

Badam milk

Badam Milk (बादाम का दूध, బాదం పాలు, বাদাম দুধ,બદામ દૂધ)  Imagine Badam Milk! Delicately flavored with cardamom. With all the mother nature’s goodness packed, it can be enjoyed chilled during summers and warm during cold winters. Homemade almond milk is creamy, rich, and delicious when compared to store brought. In India it is prepared as […]

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Falooda (फालूदा)


Falooda (फालूदा) This is a popular dessert drink from India,  It is a kind of milk shake, made with your choice of ice cream doused in rose syrup, milk, and topped off with vermicelli and basil seeds and nuts. It is one of the full filling, sweet milk dessert with different textures to enjoy in […]

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Masala Chai/ Tea (मसाला चाय, మసాలా చాయ్, மசாலா சாய், મસાલા ચાઇ)


Masala Chai/ Tea (मसाला चाय, మసాలా చాయ్, மசாலா சாய், મસાલા ચાઇ) In India, teas are defined by the regions in which they are grown. Therefore we have Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Nilgiri Tea & Orissa Tea. Chai” is the hindi word for Tea. Indian tea is full bodied with milk and strong. Known throughout the […]

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Filter Coffee (फिल्टर कॉफी, ఫిల్టర్ కాఫీ, வடிகட்டி காபி)


Filter Coffee (फिल्टर कॉफी,  ఫిల్టర్ కాఫీ, வடிகட்டி காபி) South Indian Filter Coffee is also called as ‘Madras Filter Coffee’ or ‘Degree Coffee’. The wafting aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee heralds the new day in most South Indian homes. The ubiquitous coffee filter can be found in the kitchen occupying pride of place, creating a […]

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