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Chori Lentils (चोरी दाल)

Chori dal

Chori Lentils (चोरी दाल) is rich in the best sort of fiber – soluble fiber – which helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. They are a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc copper, manganese and vitamin B3. They help reduce blood pressure. This curry is very tasty and can be enjoyed with any Indian […]

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Black Chick Peas in Yogurt Curry (काला चना और दही करी)

Black Chick Peas in Yogurt Curry

Black Chick Peas in Yogurt Curry (काला चना और दही करी )  is loaded with calories, proteins and fiber. In one way this curry is a blend of textures, it has the creamyness and softness of yogurt and thick and rough texture of chick peas. Regional Dish: Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat. Cuisine Style: Punjab | Cooking Time 30mins | Take […]

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Sambar (సాంబారు, सांबर, சாம்பார்)


Sambar (సాంబారు, सांबर, சாம்பார்) is a South Indian vegetable stew which mainly consists of dal, tamarind and variety of vegetables cooked with a helpful of special masala that gives the richness and taste to the whole dish called sambar masala powder. A variation of this smabar is also most popular in Andhra homes that is […]

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Sodhi Kulambu (சோதி, సోది, सोधी)


Sodhi Kulambu (சோதி, సోది, सोधी) Traditionally this sodhi kulambu is served with inji thuvayal/ginger chutney or roasted potatoes. Vegetables cooked in coconut milk makes this kulambu very delicious. what makes this different is, using green chilly and using moong dal/roasted gram for thickening  this kulambu. Regional Dish:  Tamil Nadu Cuisine Style: Tamil Nadu | Cooking Time 30 […]

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Punjabi Dhaba Daal (पंजाबी ढाबे दाल)

punjabi dhaba daal

Punjabi Dhaba Daal (पंजाबी ढाबे दाल) This daal is famous all over India, especially in all dhaba’s long the roads these daal is served to all the people who stop by for food. Especially truck drivers favorite. The daal is a combination of 3 to 4 varieties , which is rich in protein , healthy […]

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Achari Daal (अचारी दाल)

achari daal

Achari Daal (अचारी दाल) This is a spicy daal, as it has lots of achar (pickle) that we add. This daal is very good with hot hot steamed rice and roti on any winter evenings which spices the taste buds. We can use any pickle that we have in home. Regional Dish:  North India Cuisine Style: Punjab […]

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Cherupayar Thoran ( whole green gram curry)( ചെറുപയര് തോരന്, मुंग की सब्जी, పెసల కూర)

Cherupayar Thoran

Cherupayar Thoran ( whole green gram curry)( ചെറുപയര്‍ തോരന്‍, मुंग की सब्जी, పెసల కూర) This curry is a dry dish made with whole moong which is very rich in proteins. It is enjoyed with rice and other gravy curries. The same curry when prepared with sprouted moong, it is even more nutritious and delicious too. Regional […]

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Nimmakaya Pappu (నిమ్మకాయ పప్పు, नींबू का दाल, எலுமிச்சை பருப்பு)

desikitchen, desibantu

Nimmakaya Pappu (నిమ్మకాయ పప్పు, नींबू का दाल, எலுமிச்சை பருப்பு) This dal is basic dal that is either prepared with red gram or green gram, but with a twist of lemon. This dal is enjoyed with ghee and any other curries as side with rice or roti. It is rich in proteins. Regional Dish:  All parts […]

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Kushari (कुशारी)


Kushari (कुशारी) This is a traditional Egyptian dish made with green lentils, pasta and rice mixed together with caramelized onions. It is served with a tomato based topping and finished off with a crispy onion garnish. It is best served hot with a side of garden salad. It is one of the vegetarian dishes that […]

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Black Bean Soup (ब्लैक बीन सूप)


Black Bean Soup (ब्लैक बीन सूप) A simple vegetarian black bean soup recipe inspired by the flavors of Mexico, this black bean soup recipe uses cumin and chili powder for plenty of flavor, but if you prefer a spicier dish, you may want to add some hot sauce too. Mexican black bean soup is a […]

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