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Boondi laddu (బుంది లడ్డు, பூண்டிலட்டு, बूंदी के लड्डू , ಬೂಂದಿಲಾಡು)


Boondi laddu (బుంది లడ్డు, பூண்டிலட்டு, बूंदी के लड्डू , ಬೂಂದಿಲಾಡು): Boondi laddu is the basic laddu that is made in any Andhra homes taking to festivals like dewali/deepawali and on occasions like marriages . It is enjoyed by all age groups.

Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamilnadu; Karnataka; Kerala; South India; North India.

Cuisine Style : Andhra Pradesh |Cooking  Time 1 hour | Take any time | Type Snacks| Shelf Life : 5 days

Appx. Nutrition values calculated for 1 serving (1no):

Calories (265 Kcal), Carbohydrates (51.7 g), Protein (0 g), Fat (3.6 g).

Ingredients :

  • Besan 2 cups (channa flour/chick pea flour)
  • Water to make a thick batter
  • For sugar syrup we need Water 1/2 cup and Sugar 2 cups
  • A pinch orange food coloring
  • Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
  • Cashew bits 2 tbs
  • Raisins 2tbs
  • Ghee 2 tsp
  • Oil for frying

Method :

  1. Make batter with the besan and water, adding enough water to ensure it has a thick, runny, consistency.
  2. Heat oil in a flat pan. (flat, so it is easy to remove the boondis).
  3. Test oil, with a droplet of batter – it should sizzle and rise. Reduce to medium heat.
  4. Hold the boondi plate about 3-4 inches above the oil and pour batter using a soup ladle.
  5. Immediately rub the soup ladle in circles around the plate, so it spreads all the batter evenly.
  6. Fry the boondis till they are golden brown, but not too much.
  7. Drain on a paper towel.
  8. When boondi is drained of oil, but is still warm, add to the sugar syrup. Warm boondi best absorbs sugar syrup.
  9. Repeat till all the batter is fried.
  10. Making sugar syrup.
  11. Prepare the sugar syrup by heating a mixture of the water and sugar.
  12. Heat the mixture till the syrup thickens.
  13. Add cardamom powder and food coloring and mix.
  14. Syrup is ready when you use a spoon or your fingers to test the stickiness, and it trickles as one string.
  15. Take off heat immediately, but let it sit near the stove (so it is warm but not thickening more).
  16. In 1/2 tsp ghee, fry the cashew bits and raisins, till cashews are golden brown, and set aside.

Making the laddus :

  1. Add two tsp of ghee, fried cashews and raisins to the boondi-syrup and mix carefully with a wooden spoon.
  2. Now take a handful of the boondi in one palm, using the pressure from two fingers on your other hand,
  3. press firmly applying even pressure to make a ball.
  4. It is important to not apply too much pressure (hence use only two fingers), which could lead to hard laddus.


Other variants / Cuisine Style :1. Laddu 2. Bundi Laddu.

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