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Beerakaya Ullikaram (బీరకాయ ఉల్లికారం, பீர்கங்கை ஒனியன் கரவி,तूराय और प्याज की सब्जी)


Beerakaya Ullikaram (బీరకాయ ఉల్లికారం , பீர்கங்கை ஒனியன் கரவி, तूराय और प्याज की सब्जी) It is very delicious dish with hot rice or roti . Beerakaya has lot of water content and potentially cools body and also has a lot of fiber.

Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamilnadu; Kerala; South India.

Cuisine Style : Andhra | Cooking Time 20 minutes | Take with Rice | Type Curry | Shelf Life : 1 day| Quantity :4 Servings.

Appx. Nutritional values : calcualted for 1 serving ( 2tbs)

Calories (57 Kcal), Carbohydrates (3.4 g), Protein (0.5 g), Fat (0.1 g).

Ingredients :

  • Beerakayalu   1/2 kg (Ridge Gourd)
  • Onions  250 gms
  • Tamarind   small lemon size
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric powder  1 pinch
  • Oil   5-6 tsp

Masala Paste:

  • Red chillies  10
  • Cumin seeds   1/2tsp
  • Coriander seeds 1/2 tsp
  • Urad dal(blackgram dal)    1 1/2tsp
  • Chana dal    1 1/2tspp

Method :

  1. Peel the skin of Beerakayalu.
  2. Cut peeled Beerakayalu into 2 inches pieces.( check for bitterness, if bitter then discard)
  3. Heat Kadai on stove and roast Channa dal, urad dal, cumin seeds, corianderseeds and mirchi with 1tsp oil till golden brown colour, now let them  cool.
  4. Heat Kadai with 5tsp oil and add Beerakaya pieces and cover it with lid.
  5. Cut Onions into small pieces.
  6. Grind the roasted ingredients and add Onion pieces, Tamarind, salt and turmeric powder and grind it again.
  7. Add this grinded paste to the beerakaya pieces in the kadai.
  8. Cook till you see a layer of oil on the top.
  9. Beerakaya ulli karam curry is ready to eat.
  10. This can be taken along with hot rice along with ghee or with Roti.


Other variants / Cuisine Style : 1.Beerakaya Ullikaram with Seasame seeds and Tomato., 2. Beerakaya iguru, 3. Beerakaya menthikura, 4. Beerakaya masala, 5. Beerakaya pachidi, 6. Beerakaya bajji.


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