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Soya Nugget Manchurian (सोया मंचूरियन)


Soya Nugget Manchurian (सोया मंचूरियन) Nutri-nuggets or soy nuggets are popularly used an alternative for meat. It is high in protein; they are a great choice for vegetarians and can be made in varied preparations. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 35 mins | take it as such | Type Soup | Shelf Life: […]

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Shami kabab (شامی کباب,షమి కెబాబ్, शामी कबाब)


Shami kabab (Urdu: شامی کباب, Hindi: शामी कबाब), or shami tikka is a popular Pakistani, Persian, and Indian style of kebab, that is composed of small patty minced mutton or beef, ground chickpeas and spices. Shami kebabs are an extremely popular snack in Pakistan. They are often garnished with lemon juice and/or sliced raw onions, […]

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Chicken Lollipop (చికెన్ లోలిపోప్)


Chicken lollipop (చికెన్ లోలిపోప్, चिक्केन लोल्लिपोप) The name it self is fancy as the recipe , which is suitable to this 20th Century which is made from the middle (and sometimes inner) segments of chicken wings. It is also a popular item in Indian Chinese cuisine, served with Szechuan sauce. Regional Dish : Indian Metros […]

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Keema Kofta Curry (కీమా కోఫ్తా కర్రీ, कीमा कोफ्ता कर्री)


Keema Kofta Curry (కీమా కోఫ్తా కర్రీ, कीमा कोफ्ता कर्री) is Indian preparation of meatballs in a curry base. Prepared with ground or minced mutton, the koftas or meatballs are made with meat, egg along with spices and cooked in a gravy . Savory and filling, the keema kofta curry can be served with rice or […]

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Carrot Halwa (गाजर का हल्वा, காரட் ஹல்வா, క్యారట్ హల్వా )


Carrot Halwa (गाजर का हल्वा, క్యారట్ హల్వా, காரட் ஹல்வா) One of the great desserts made through  out India, Halwa is made by cooking the  main ingredient ( vegatable / flour) with milk and ghee for long hours until it comes to the required consistency.Carrot halwa as the color , it is rich in vitamins and minerals. […]

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Junnu (జున్ను,चीईक,બારી )


Junnu (జున్ను,चीईक,બારી) is a simple elegant dessert, a delicacy in Andhra Pradesh. It is also called Ginnu in Kannada and Kharwas in marathi.It is made from lactating cow’s milk. Usually it is prepared by the first 3 days milk from the cows who gave birth to calves , which is nothing but cow’s colostrum.It is […]

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Mullakada Tomato Kura (മുരിങ്ങക്കായ് ടാമോട കറി, ములగకాడ టమోటా కూర, दृम्स्तिक्क टमाटर करी)


Mullakada Tomato Kura (മുരിങ്ങക്കായ് ടാമോട കറി, ములగకాడ టమోటా కూర, दृम्स्तिक्क टमाटर करी)  It is one of the curry that every south indian likes to eat , especially the drumsticks that come in summer , which is widely used in sambar which has a distinct flavor. The delectable combination of fresh drumsticks with tarty tomatoes creates a […]

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Gutti Kakarakaya (ഗുട്ടി കൈപക്ക, గుత్తి కాకరకాయ, திணித்து வைக்கப்பட்ட பாவக்காய்,भरवां करेला)

Gutti_ Kakarakaya_desibantu

Gutti Kakarakaya (ഗുട്ടി കൈപക്ക, గుత్తి కాకరకాయ, திணித்து வைக்கப்பட்ட பாவக்காய், भरवां करेला) The roasting process intensifies the flavor of the stuffing while charring and softening the bitter gourds. The unmistakable bitterness of kakarakaya is balanced with the spiced, tangy-sweet stuffing comprising of onions, garlic, jaggery, tamarind and red chilies. Regional Dish : Andhra; Tamil Nadu; Karnataka; […]

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