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Haldi ki Subji (हल्दी की सब्जी)

haldi ki subzi

Haldi ki Subji (हल्दी की सब्जी) Traditionally Rajasthani Fresh Turmeric curry. Fresh turmeric  (looks like ginger) is  a rhizome. As we use it in dry , powdered  form in every Indian food which a part from giving color is also antiseptic in nature is consumed in fresh form, It becomes a vegetable as a curry , […]

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Singaporean Garlic Rice ( सिंगापुर की लहसुन चावल)


Singaporean Garlic Rice ( सिंगापुर की लहसुन चावल) It is a rice variety that is made in Singaporean style. It has lots of fried garlic. Regional Dish:  Singapore Cuisine Style: Singapore | Cooking Time 30 mins | Take as Such | Type Rice| Shelf Life : 1  day| Quantity : 3 Servings. Appx. Nutritional values calculated for […]

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Achari Daal (अचारी दाल)

achari daal

Achari Daal (अचारी दाल) This is a spicy daal, as it has lots of achar (pickle) that we add. This daal is very good with hot hot steamed rice and roti on any winter evenings which spices the taste buds. We can use any pickle that we have in home. Regional Dish:  North India Cuisine Style: Punjab […]

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Anda Ghotala (अंडा गोटाला)

anda ghotala

Anda Ghotala (अंडा  गोटाला) The recipe has 2 main protein ingredients which make this recipe filling; it is also a one pot meal. Egg and white lentil ( urad daal). This recipe can be a good breakfast as such or can be served in meals as a side dish with roti, rice and sehar. Regional […]

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Challa Punugulu(చల్ల పునుగులు)

Challa punugulu

Challa Punugulu (చల్ల పునుగులు)  These  batter deep fry snack item is prepared in Nellore region of Andhra Pradesh. “Challa” means Buttermilk in Telugu and as the batter is prepared using butter milk , it got its name. These are enjoyed as a snack with any sauce or  peanut chutney. Regional Dish:  Andhra pradesh Cuisine Style: […]

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Batata Poha (Rice Flakes with Potatoes)


Regional Dish:  Maharastra Cuisine Style:  Gujrathi| Cooking Time 20-30 mins| Type: Breakfast (or) Snack| Quantity: 2 Servings. Ingredients: 1 big potato, boiled, peeled & mashed roughly 2 cups poha (thick flattened rice) 1/2 tsp mustard seeds Few curry leaves 1 green chilli, finely chopped 1 small to medium sized onion, chopped 1 tbsp sugara lemon 1 heaped tbsp […]

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Roasted Sweet Corn and Tomato Soup (भुना हुआ मीठी मकई और टमाटर का सूप)


Roasted Sweet Corn and Tomato Soup (भुना हुआ मीठी मकई और टमाटर का सूप) This recipe is very rich and authentic to southern sates of America. It can be made complete meal by adding meat and served with bread loaf. It is made with few ingredients that are found in any typical American home, which […]

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Hot and Sour Soup (तीखा और खट्टा सूप)


Hot and Sour Soup (तीखा और खट्टा सूप) A wonderful blend of hot and sour flavors, this is the perfect choice for any lazy evening  for a Indian Plate. Regional Dish: India, China Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 25 mins | Take it as such | Type Soup | Shelf Life : 1  day |Quantity : […]

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Soya Nugget Manchurian (सोया मंचूरियन)


Soya Nugget Manchurian (सोया मंचूरियन) Nutri-nuggets or soy nuggets are popularly used an alternative for meat. It is high in protein; they are a great choice for vegetarians and can be made in varied preparations. Regional Dish: India Cuisine Style: Indian | Cooking Time 35 mins | take it as such | Type Soup | Shelf Life: […]

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